Hey baby wake up come and dance with me…

30 11 2007

It’s funny how I have such a strong connection for something that I’ve had for around 12 or 13 years. After weeks of being on a sort of hiatus, I came across a very somewhat funny comment, because I had no idea how this one thing could have such an impact on people. My little rooster alarm (with the guitar) has been my savior for being on time to so many places- school, work, church, etc. It allows me to go to sleep at like 3 in the morning and wake up at 5 or 6. Just with the sound, “Wow…Hey….Hey baby wake up and come and dance with me.” It continues until you push down on the red top. The comment that I got today was based on this rooster and if I was selling it. I can not part with this rooster because I have accumulated a lot of wonderful memories surrounding it. Some of these moments would be all the way from when my mother gave it to me when I was 6 or 7 until now where my nephews have gained a personal liking to it. Even for the amount I could sell it, (ebay sells it for $152 with 40 days until the bid is over) I know that I would be incomplete and I know that there is no other alarm clock like it. The funny thing is that my mom got it from Dillards, Montgomery Ward, or Burdines (now Macy’s) for like $6 cause their was a wrong price listed. I never really thought that I had something passed on or rare until now because I never really gave it any thought, but I do appreciate it and even keep it on its own little pedestal.




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5 12 2007

i’ve been searching for this alarm clok forEVER! my husband is always singing the “hey baby wake up …” i remember it at spencers gifts growing up. πŸ™‚ a shame it’s such a collecter’s item now, haha!

2 12 2009

I bought this for my husband many years ago and he got mad at me! We had young grandchildren at the time and they LOVED IT! We still have it today and it wakes us up every morning. The grandkids, now grown, still love it, in fact one of them just told me today that they miss hearing it and wish they had one of their own.

I’m now going to tell you something that you will probably think is not true, but believe me IT IS! Sometimes when we decide to sleep a little longer, our cat will come in, jump up on the bed, get right in our face and make the exact same sound as the beginning of the song! I swear, he sounds just like it! So, I guess even cats love this clock!

It is very definately one of the best Christmas presents I ever bought for anyone!

12 12 2007

I too have been searching for this alarm clock for years!

I used to cringe ever time I heard it from my sisters room. She would get up early around 5:45 to go to school. Now that we are all grown up and have families of our own.

I am looking for an .mp3 recording of the WOW – hey baby wake up, come and dance with me!

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the recording from this precious and memorable alarm?

As a joke I want to borrow my sisters cell phone at our family Christmas party and install the .mp3 hey baby wake up on her cell phone as the alarm.



12 12 2007

Hey JB,

I know there is a recording of the song if you click on the rooster pic. I would try copying the link and trying to import it into MS FrontPage or FTP it to download. That would probably be the best thing.

12 12 2007

Hey Avera,

Thanks for the comment.

What worked the best. Click on the Clock Chicken above and listen to the “Sweet Wake Up Sound” then in your browser window click on file, Save as…. and the file should save to your desktop as an MP3.

I would then change the name to Heybabywake.mp3 or something short like hbw.mp3 so that when you load it onto your cell. You can read the whole file name.

Then BlueTooth it to your cell.

Set as your new Alarm Tone and BAM your done!

Thanks for this awesome blog to help others find the Rockin’ Chicken Alarm Clock memories.


17 03 2008

I MISS MY ROOSTER ALARM CLOCK!!!!! That was the funnest, cutest sound produced before the sun came up EVER! Oh man. I miss that little guy. Thanks for sharing the audio. πŸ™‚

20 03 2008

yeah i hate this alarm clock. In college the guy across the hall had one and he would leave to go to class before he had it set to wake up, so once it did go off the rest of us would have to listen to this thing all morning long. It’s nothing if not loud.

7 08 2008

I used to have this alarm clock when I was younger. My older brother stole it from me. I have wanted a new one ever since.

20 08 2008

haha i still have this thing…my uncle got it for me when i was like 4 years old…im now almost 19! ahaha, i dont use it as my alarm clock but i am tempted to scare the shit outta my boyfriend with it when he stays over! πŸ™‚

28 08 2008

Oh my goodness! I miss this alarm clock. I had it for 10 years and was so sad it broke. It was the only thing that ever woke me up and I’ve been searching for it for years. I’ve tried all types of new fangled machines to get my lazy butt out of bed but nothing has ever been as good as my singing rooster. If anyone knows where to find one I’ll fight you for it!

29 09 2008

I had a very similar alarm clock growing up, but wasn’t rock and roll. The clock was right where that clock is, but it wasnt a guitar. The rooster was not wearing shades, and the top red part was across (like, ear to ear), not back to front. I don’t think it sang, but it chimed and i think the eyes opened up when the alarm went off… You could even snooze it! So when you snoozed it, the eyes would close, then they would open again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

If you see something like that! email me πŸ™‚

28 11 2008

OMG! I bought one for my daughter when she was little — and we were just reminiscing about it… how annoying, but totally cool! She really misses having hers! Hey baby…

12 01 2009
Dave S

Ya that clock is great! I didn’t see it on Ebay and I was wondering how much it sells for?

26 02 2009

Cool – glad to know there’s a following. I saw this thing at Best Products in Seattle in 1993, and haven’t been able to fully get that song out of my head since. Whoda thunk it’d be a collector’s item.

26 03 2009
Rhonda (different one)

Dude! I have been trying to find this sound file for a while – one summer I was at music camp and someone had brought this alarm clock… Every day for 2 weeks, you’d hear this thing through the whole camp!

15 05 2009

OMG!!! I got this alarm clock from my Grandmother one Christmas, and my sister got another anilmal and I can’t remember what it was! I took my little chicken with me to college and it saved me from missing alot of classes! I just got back in touch with a college friend and that dang chicken is one of her strongest memories! Thanks for the reminder! I wish I kept track of it!!!!

28 05 2009

Bought this alarm clock from Spenser’s in the mall for my husband years ago. He collects funky alarm clocks. He took it with him on a business trip and left it a hotel. Could have kicked him! (of course we called but it wasn’t turned in) I’ve been trying to find another one ever since. Have tried Ebay, but always get out-bid.

5 07 2009

I love this clock! I didn’t know about the sound recording before when I recorded my own clock and put it as my ring tone haha I get the strangest looks when I get a call. Love it

2 12 2009

If anyone finds a way to send/save the mp3 (the link is not working for me), will you let me know?

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