Figure Drawing

30 01 2008

An experience in the Fine Arts has really opened my eyes to the way art is learned and not expressed just by inheritance. With the beginning of my Figure Drawing class, I had no idea what a big idea it would be to not simply draw, but to draw the human body exposed in real life. It was an experience incomparable to any other. There was nothing sexual about the presence of a naked woman; instead, there was this magical moment where one could really spend the time to grasp the curvature and naturalness of the human body. Now to many of my fellow classmates, the experience was mutual. Everyone thought nothing of the nude female. There was more of the acceptance of each other’s artwork in trying to capture everything to the finest detail. It is apparent that in the beginning, all of the drawings looked primitive not because of the detail or artistic abilities, but because there was not enough confidence being exuded. Throughout this discovery of our inner artists, the end result were drawings that said, “Hey, we are meaningful pieces of art not to be reckoned with!”




One response

24 11 2008

What a great post!
… when we learn the humbleness, we become the giants – the true mastery is to hear what we are looking at and enjoy not our own drawings, but the ability of color to talk. The best artists are the best listeners.

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